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Ever since I started following Jesus, I have noticed a pull to act differently in my everyday life. The more I trust Jesus, the more different I would like to be. But frustration and failure confront me daily. Sometimes, I simply choose my historical reaction, of anger or selfishness or overeating to react to disappointment. Other times I experience situations where I’m unclear what the most Godly response might be.

How can I continue to grow as a Jesus-follower to make a positive difference in everyday situations?

In our community, Follower of One, we want to help one another. One idea we’ve had is to launch a podcast where we talk regularly with everyday believers about everyday situations and how we can live our faith so others might see Jesus. Some of the topics we’re currently considering include:

  1. What is a Christ-follower supposed to do at work? Should we pursue full-time vocational ministry (a job with a church or missions organization)?
  2. How do I talk with my coworkers, whether managers, peers, or direct reports about my faith?
  3. What do I do after I’ve personally failed? Maybe I lost my temper or engaged in gossip. Maybe I got disciplined or fired? What do I do now?
  4. How as an employer or manager, do I live & share my faith while complying with laws and regulations?
  5. What does it mean to be a minister at work? How can I share my faith when I’m an individual contributor at the “bottom of the org chart?”
  6. What does a Jesus-follower do when asked to misrepresent the facts by a coworker, whether manager, peer or direct report?
  7. As a Jesus-follower, how do I deal with job loss whether reduction in force, or performance related?
  8. As a Jesus-follower, how do I deal with temptation in the workplace?
  9. How does a Jesus-follower deal with pressure at work?
  10. How should I deal with under-employment? “I’m not a good fit for my present job.”
  11. As a Christian manager, how do I deal with under-performance of another person in the company, on my team or in another department?
  12. How do I deal with conflict or competing ideas where there’s no clear, right answer?

I have a few more, but this is getting long. What other topics would you add? Which of these would you avoid? What would you say are the most important ones?

And do you have experiences in any of these areas? Would you like to be a guest for one or more of these discussions?

Please comment below, or in the discussion on this post over in the Follower of One Community. And if you haven’t joined the Follower of One Community yet, check it out here. There’s no cost. Follower of One, Inc. is an Oklahoma non-profit corporation and we’ve applied for our 501(c)3 non-profit designation from the Internal Revenue Service. We’re still in our testing and trial phase and we hope to launch when our non-profit status is completed.

Thanks in advance for your comments. And, if you’d like to live your life following Jesus better, and help others do the same, check out the Follower of One community site and our Facebook page.

Photo by Kai Oberhäuser on Unsplash

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